Flying Scotsman

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The Flying Scotsman, a cherished staple of Muldoon’s Craft Roasted Coffee, presents a captivating blend. Its full-bodied character is adorned with enticing smoky notes that dance alongside delightful hints of sweetness, creating a harmonious and satisfying coffee experience. Prepare to embark on a journey of rich flavors that will please even the most discerning coffee aficionado.

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Indulge in the exceptional taste of the Flying Scotsman, a cherished staple of Muldoon’s Craft Roasted Coffee. This captivating blend is a symphony of flavors, boasting a full-bodied profile that envelops the palate with rich and smoky notes. A perfect balance is struck as hints of sweetness emerge, adding a delightful touch to every sip. Crafted with meticulous care by Muldoon’s expert roasters, this coffee is a true masterpiece for the discerning connoisseur. Whether enjoyed in a brewed cup or as a captivating espresso, the Flying Scotsman is guaranteed to transport you to a realm of coffee perfection.

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14 reviews for Flying Scotsman

  1. Brent Mullins

    Nice rich flavor

  2. Marisa

    I’m Italian 🇮🇹 and this espresso roast truly one of the best I’ve ever had . We’ve been loyal to Muldoon’s for years and years. Their single serve coffee pods are the absolute best. If you like Kimbo, Lavazza or Lilly and Verona coffee than you will surely love this espresso Flying brews with a rich crema. We use it everyday!!☕☕☕☕☕☕☕as our regular coffee and as our espresso. It doesn’t even need cream or sugar it’s so rich it’s perfect black with just creme. Excellent , rich full bodied coffee.

  3. Mark Chambers

    For me, it was love at first sip!
    It’s always consistently delicious.

    Great Scot! That’s good.

  4. Ed Jaworski

    Always the best coffee and service. Well done!

  5. Fiona Third

    I mostly drink black coffee now, so I find this a bit strong for me but I always keep some on hand for my son who enjoys his espresso. I have used this one for lattes or as a “special coffee” and it is perfect.
    Truthfully there are no Muldoon coffees that we don’t like!

  6. Patrick White

    Flying Scotsman is my favorite blend but there are so many great options .
    The very quick service and delivery is the topping on this amazing company with amazing coffee .

  7. Michelle Hemeon

    1000% would recommend Muldoon’s. Fantastic options for mild to strong coffees, not to mention the flavoured options. Hazelnut would be my favourite. The flying Scotsman is amazing for my Friday night espresso martinis 😆 . Customer service is top notch, love the quick delivery and handwritten note inside the box. Going on year 10 and will always support this amazing team ❤️☕️

  8. Lindsay Golding

    This is one of my absolute favourites! I love a good dark roast and this coffee is so smooth and wonderful. I often drink my coffee black and I can’t get over how well rounded and delicious this is! It’s just a perk that the box design, name, and aroma are so pleasing too! 😍

  9. Gabriel Lavoie

    Je prends mon café noir et j’aime bien le Flying Scotsman en apès-midi 🙂 Il est tout simplement bon… Je le reccommande!

  10. louise beaudoin

    My 2nd favorite blend! You can never go back to any other coffee after Muldoon’s. i only wish i could bring it with me when i travel. Love it so much!!

  11. Diane Walton

    Flying Scotsman was the first Muldoon’s I ever tried and instantly loved it. Being in California, I was able to try it via a coffee pod at work. Took some doing to find out how I could order but in the meantime, had several cups of the Scotsman and am so happy to have it my own pantry now. First sip to last, I love the full flavor!

  12. Nicholas Tavares

    My second favourite variety behind Muldoon’s Sumatran, which is a little more bold. If you like dark coffee with some of the edge taken off than this is the coffee for you.

  13. Michelle

    Damn, you make excellent coffee!

  14. Nicholas Tavares

    Fantastic product. Easily the freshest coffee you can buy in the GTA.

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