French Roast

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Experience the allure of our French Roast, a must-have for dark coffee enthusiasts seeking deep satisfaction. Indulge in its smoky and intense flavor profile, complemented by a subtly sweet aftertaste, and savor it brewed or Espresso style for an exquisite coffee experience that lingers long after the last sip.

  • For our singles, maximize cost and environmental savings with reduced inner packaging, by choosing the Bulk Case of 72 option below!
  • For ground coffee, please specify the grind you are looking for in your order notes! If none is requested, the default will be Americano/Traditional drip style.

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Indulge in the captivating allure of our French Roast, a masterpiece tailored to delight the most discerning dark coffee aficionados. Immerse yourself in its deeply satisfying smoky and intense flavor that unfolds with each sip, leaving a lingering impression on your palate. As the robust notes harmonize, a subtly sweet aftertaste emerges, adding a touch of indulgence to this exceptional blend. Whether brewed to perfection or enjoyed as a rich and velvety Espresso, this coffee offers a sensory journey that will satisfy your deepest cravings. Elevate your coffee experience and embrace the boldness of our French Roast, a true delight for dark coffee connoisseurs.

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5 reviews for French Roast

  1. Tim W

    Always enjoy Muldoon’s Coffee and when we moved from the city we order online, was delivered the following day! French roast is our go to morning blend. Just bought the new brewer as well, all recyclables.

  2. Lindsay Golding

    This is my second favourite muldoons singles (just after flying scotsman)! I love a good dark roast and this coffee is very robust and dark, but becuase of it’s sweeter aftertaste it is very drinkable and pleasent unlike other dark roasts I’ve had in the past. I love the taste of coffee and I find that a dark roast like this one is one of the best experiences to get a full coffee experience (smell, taste, energy). It’s definitely held in high regard in my house!

  3. Gabriel Lavoie

    C’est mon café favori!! Je le prend le matin. Rien de mieux qu’un bon café corsé pour démarrer la journée 😉

  4. dndwalton

    If you are looking for a good strong French Roast that is not bitter, you should try this one. I was a bit nervous it might be too strong for me but it just has great flavor, tastes wonderful with a little cream and goes down smooth. I am a picky coffee lover and this French Roast is one I will definitely be buying again and again.

  5. Dawn Hughes

    Muldoons is a whole new absolutely wonderful coffee experience
    Living in a remote area we don’t get these high quality coffee choices so being able to order it is amazing!!!

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