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Savor the renowned flavors of Sumatra, the Indonesian island revered for its bold-bodied coffees, infused with tropical fruit aromas and captivating earthy undertones. Immerse yourself in the essence of this dark roast, which encapsulates the distinct character cherished by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

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Embark on a sensory adventure to the enchanting Indonesian island of Sumatra, renowned for its captivating coffees. This exquisite dark roast embodies the essence of Sumatra, boasting an exceptionally deep and smoky flavor profile. Immerse yourself in its alluring aromas of tropical fruit, while savoring the robust and earthy notes that dance on your palate. With each sip of this intensely bold brew, you’ll experience the distinctive allure that has made Sumatran coffee a cherished choice for lovers of rich and smoky flavors. Let the dark magic of Sumatra unfold in your cup, captivating your senses with every indulgent moment.

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11 reviews for Sumatran

  1. Mark

    This has a rich full bodied flavour, that is never bitter, a black coffee drinkers treat!


    Hi Muldoon’s! Not only is the customer service exceptional and I mean exceptional!!! The coffee is fantastic!!! I have never enjoyed a cup of coffee so much! I even look forward to getting up in the morning!!! I love a strong coffee so Sumatran is my favorite!!! Next is Flying Scottsman. But they are all very good! I buy many varieties for family. Thank you! :)

  3. George Topping

    This is our morning coffee. Strong but not bitter. Best home coffee we have found.

  4. Lindsay Golding

    I was a bit nervous to try this blend again- as I had remembered it being almost too stong when I last had it at my old work place. I enjoy having options for my morning coffee and I prefer dark roasts, so I decided to pick up a box to try again from the comfort of my own home and see if I would like it or not. I am VERY glad I did. Brewing this coffee the way I do now, compared to how I used to when I last had it made all of the difference. This coffee is strong but is so flavourful that I was surprised that I had ever found it “too strong” in the first place. This coffee is my go-to when baking recipes that require coffee! I will be getting more of these in my next order to have a really great dark roast option for my coffee nook!

  5. Louise Beauodin

    Best coffee ever! been buying this coffee for 2 years now and will never drink anything else. I never looked so forward to getting up in the morning. NO kidding!!

  6. louise beaudoin

    my favorite blend! never looked so forward to getting up in the morning. Simply amazing!!!

  7. louise Anne Beaudoin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! this coffee is soooooo goooooodddd! you will never go back to any other once you have tried Muldoon’s. I love them all but Sumatran is my fave! Thank you! service is amazing too! Love the gifts too! :)

  8. Victoria Hamilton

    My boyfriend bought our 1st Muldoons machine & coffee in early December 2015. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for us. He tried a cup of coffee at Muldoon’s store & had to bring it home. Needless to say, we could not wait for Christmas & started our coffee adventures right away. (Of course, we had to buy all the varieties-they look so amazing in the cupboard, just like your own coffee shop!) Each of the coffees are unique & exceptionally delicious! Truly! My Sister loved the coffee so much, when she left our place, I prepared 2 “take-out” coffees for them to take on the road all the way to North Bay. She told me that after they finished the coffees, they wanted to turn back & come back here for more coffee!!! She ended up ordering her own machine & coffee because she absolutely could not live without it. We feel exactly the same. We’ve been loyal Muldoons clients for 8 years now and every morning we look forward to an amazing cup of coffee. The customer service is excellent and they really care about keeping their clients happy. If you want a really great cup of coffee, YOU’VE GOT TO GET MULDOON’S!

  9. Nicholas Tavares

    Even better than the “Flying Scotsman” if you can believe it. Dark, bold, smoky, spicy, I absolutely love Muldoon’s Sumatran. This will be my go to variety from now on.

  10. Nicholas Tavares

    Sumatran is the only variety I buy now because it’s just that good! If you love dark roast coffee with low acidity that’s smooth, then Muldoon’s Sumatran is the one for you.

  11. Nicholas Tavares

    I can’t stop drinking this coffee! I no longer buy anything else other than Muldoon’s Sumatran and Flying Scotsman. Simply the best coffee available to consumers in the GTA. I’ll probably give Big Smoke a try next.

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