Swiss Water Decaf Dark

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Indulge in this exquisite single origin estate coffee, specially decaffeinated using the renowned Swiss Water® process. Its robust flavor shines through in a dark roast, delivering a full-bodied and caffeine-free experience.

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  • For ground coffee, please specify the grind you are looking for in your order notes! If none is requested, the default will be Americano/Traditional drip style.

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Experience the epitome of coffee craftsmanship with this exceptional single origin estate coffee. Specially decaffeinated using the renowned Swiss Water® process, every sip ensures a caffeine-free indulgence without compromising on taste. This exquisite coffee truly shines when roasted to perfection, unveiling its full-bodied richness and bold character. Immerse yourself in the velvety smoothness, enchanting aroma, and captivating notes that dance on your palate. Whether you savor it in the morning or unwind with it in the evening, this coffee is an exquisite treat for all coffee connoisseurs seeking a delectable and caffeine-free experience.

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2 reviews for Swiss Water Decaf Dark

  1. Lindsay Golding

    Very excited to find such a delicious dark-roast decaf coffee! I love the taste of coffee so I really enjoy keeping a box of this decaf in the house for the days I want a coffee in the evening or would like another coffee but not the effects of more caffine in my system. This coffee is nicely rounded and surprisingly flavourful for a decaf. Will definitely get more when I get through my current box!

  2. Kelly Summerfield

    I drink my coffee black. I love dark roast. This coffee is outstanding and cannot be matched by any other decaf coffee. As a result of being introduced to Muldoon’s Craft Roasted Coffee I have become a coffee snob and I take my Muldoon’s Craft Roasted coffee with me where ever I go whether it is to visit family or to go on vacation.

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